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For decades Mormonism has been one of the fastest growing religious groups in America. Recently, however, its growth rate has been slowing. More and more Christians are becoming better educated about Mormonism, and their resistance to it has increased. Overseas growth is still doing well, with more than half the membership living outside the USA. Rapid growth and popularity in the midst of an increasingly wicked age, however, is not a good sign. And Mormonism still has a different gospel, a different God and Jesus, and a different spirit than Bible based Christianity.

You may notice that we do not refer to the Mormon Church by its official name. That is not due to ignorance about this church, rather, it is because the official name, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is intended not merely as a name, but as a claim. It is not simply a moniker, it is a message—a fraudulent messasge.

If you don't get the message, Mormons will be happy to explain. They think, and present as fact, that the use of the name of Jesus Christ in the official name of their church proves that it is a Christian church. Indeed, if taken at face value, the claim in the name is that it is the only true church. But they worship an entirely different kind of being than the God portrayed in the Bible, and worshiped by Christians. Applying Christian names to their god and their church, does not make Mormonism Christian. Rather, it is a full frontal assault against Christianity. We will not acknowledge or sanction their claims by using their official name.

On this page you will find links to articles and tracts on Mormonism written over a period of many years, most of them by Timothy Oliver. Many were originally published by Watchman Fellowship or Utah Missions, and are used here by permission.

Files below marked with an asterisk * require Adobe Reader 6.0 or higher for viewing. If you have Adobe Reader installed, double-clicking the file link will open Adobe Reader and the file. If you don't have Adobe Reader 6.0 or higher installed on your system, download and install it for free from the Adobe download page.

Mormonism and Christianity - A Simple Comparison *
Mormonism and Christianity - A Deeper Comparison
Sharing the Faith With Mormons
An MP3 recording.


   The title below is also available in hardcopy form as a booklet:
   Your Debt of Sin: Refinanced or Canceled?
        Chapter 1: Some Strategies of the Enemy
        Chapter 2: The Big Lie — Uncovered
        Chapter 3: The Truth
        Chapter 4: What About Good Works ?
        Chapter 5: What Will You Do?
        Chapter 6: Where From Here?


    These five titles are also available in hardcopy form as tracts:
    The Robe
    Just Two Kinds of Religion
    Forgiveness of Sins: A Miracle for Mormons
    When Ye Shall Receive These Things: Testing the Book of Mormon by Moroni 10:4
    Questions for the Latter-day Saints (Mormons)

Watchman Expositor  Articles   (Used by permission.)

    Why the Cults Are Growing
    Mormon Prophet Hinckley On Deity
    Mormon Prophet Hinckley On Jesus
    Disguising the Divide

    Four On Racism In the Mormon Church
         Residual Racism In Modern Mormonism
         News for Brigham Young - "The Long Promised Day Has Come"
         A Parallel History
         Foundation For Discrimination

Evangel  Articles   (Used by permission.)

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